Style guidelines for SDCS



We use two colours :

In other applications, true white and black are used. Ensure that text is kept readable with a minimum contrast rating of WCAG 2.0 AA (resource for checking contrast).

Logo usage

Logo usage and guidelines are currently being experimented with. For the time being, use assets provided by Jeremy FORTNER.

Text and fonts

For sans-serif settings, we use Helvetica. For monospaced settings, we use DejaVu Sans MonoMenlo is an acceptable alternative.

Font size on web

Fonts should use the following CSS :

html, body { font: 1rem/1.6 "Helvetica", sans-serif; }
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { font-family: monospace; }

This will default to the proper fonts on the system, which are commonly compliant with this style guide — there is no need to try and enforce a certain font by adding on to this rule.