Guest speaker : Dr Irwin Jacobs | Qualcomm, UCSD, Moore's Law, AI & San Diego

Written by Jeremy Fortner 2023-07-26

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Dr. Irwin Marc Jacobs is a visionary, American electrical engineer, educator, philanthropist and renowned entrepreneur as the founder of Qualcomm. Dr. Jacobs has made significant contributions to various fields of engineering, including commercializing CDMA technology, creating the first textbook in Communication theory, which led to the pioneering technologies of Qualcomm. Qualcomm technology can be found in digital devices across the Universe. Dr. Jacobs has continued to leave a mark on both academia and industry throughout his storied career.

Apart from his numerous professional achievements, Dr. Irwin Marc Jacobs is also known for his charismatic and approachable demeanor. He is an inspiring mentor, nurturing the next generation of scientists and researchers, engineers and encouraging them to push the boundaries of knowledge even further.

Dr. Jacobs has created an enduring legacy with his contributions to science, technology, and society inspiring generations to come.

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